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21 Jan 2020

6 week course running fortnightly

This is me and this is it!

A new 6 week course running fortnightly starting from 21st January 2020 from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday evenings at The Wellington Centre in Hastings.

The course will hopefully be fun, as well as meaningful, and we will spend time getting creative, being reflective, encouraging self-compassion and mindfulness, looking at the power of active acceptance, change, play, letting go and gratitude, what brings richness to your life, looking for understanding, exploring boundaries, freedom and what your values may be.

The course is designed to help you focus on who you are, your relationship to yourself, what's important to you and how you can create a life that fulfils you and your needs. There will be a chance to explore your strengths, as well as to look at how you might be getting in your own way (as some of us do at times!).

Drawing on many sources, the course will incorporate aspects of mindfulness, self compassion, psychotherapy, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and creativity.

The group will be a closed group, will be kept small and participants will be asked to commit to attending the entire course. Please call or email to find out more, to discuss whether the course will be suitable for you and to book a place.

Please note that although the course will be therapeutic, it is not group therapy, and although we will be getting creative, you don't need to be artistic.

Cost £120

For more information or to apply for a place, please contact Julia on 07580 102758 or email

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