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couples counselling

what to expect

My approach to couples counselling is simple. First and foremost, it's time out of the rest of your lives to focus on you as a couple. It's time that is precious and that often falls by the way in day to day life, often out of necessity, and sometimes we avoid it because it's too painful to actually sit down together and talk. 


I endeavour to offer a space that is safe, a place where you can open up to each other and perhaps communicate in a way that you haven't done for a long time. It can be a chance for you to explore what it is that you both really want - as individuals and as a couple - what's working for you and what isn't. It's an opportunity for you to identify how you might make changes that genuinely work for both of you.

I think sometimes couples counselling is valuable as a way of touching base with each other, a way of enhancing what is already a good relationship. It need not just be a last resort, but a way of helping you to stay in an evolving, nurturing relationship that develops over the years in the way that we do as individuals.

For others, it might be that you have been going through a difficult period. Counselling can give you a chance to see if healing is possible.  There is no judgement or blame, but perhaps a chance to take responsibility which could lead to beneficial change, sometimes even the transformation of a relationship. Equally, this time may lead you to the realisation that for whatever reason, you may no longer be able to give each other what you need. Counselling can then help you work out what you both need to separate in a healthy way.

On a practical note, I provide face to face counselling in Hastings - please see the Locations page (under More on the menu) for more information or click here. I also offer counselling online on video platforms such as Zoom or Skype and by phone and I am happy to help with the technical side of this (as much as I can!).  COVID 19 - PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM CURRENTLY ONLY OFFERING ONLINE  COUNSELLING FOR COUPLES.

If you have any further questions or would like to arrange an initial video call, please either call me on 07580 102758 and leave a message or email me at

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